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Celebrity same-sex couple Apurva Asrani and Siddhant announces separation

GOA: ‘Satya’ fame national award-winning Indian filmmaker and writer Apurva Asrani has confirmed break-up with his long-term boyfriend Siddhant Pillai today in a heartfelt post on Instagram.

“I inform you with a heavy heart that Siddhant & I have separated,” said Apurva Asrani in his post.

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Apurva and Siddhant duo had shot to fame right after they had made their 13-year-old relationship public on May 29, 2020, when bought a home together.

Even during the lockdown their homemade videos and interviews took a pace and gave them instant recognition of the “perfect couple” tag. Especially, the LGBTQ community started looking up to this same-sex celebrity couple ideally.

“I know we have been seen as role models by many in the LGBTQ community,” Asrani added further, “but I must tell you that all of these 14 years has been important and valuable and that we have amicable parted ways.”

Asrani also urged everyone to respect their privacy and feelings in the matter and wrote, “we are also the first generation in India to live our love so visibly and courageously, so I write this with no regrets.”

Asrani came to fame with the Satya movie, which got him a national award as well. In recent times Asrani had written critically acclaimed human rights drama Aligarh, a movie based on a queer professor who loses his job for his sexual preference. Also, he had written blockbuster web series of 2019 ‘Made In Heaven’ and in the year 2020 the courtroom drama series ‘Criminal Justice: Behind the closed doors.

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Asrani also came to fame for his feud with Kangana Ranaut during the movie ‘Simran’ when the actress demanded credit in the scriptwriting process which was allegedly written by Asrani solely.

Asrani’s former boyfriend Siddhant is also a trained classical musician.

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