We deliver the northeast


In a function organised at, helipad ground, Assangthang on 22nd May CM Pawan Chamling met  people from Namchi-Singhithang and Poklok-Kamrang

Addressing the people of these two constituencies, he said that they should all take pride that present Sikkim is a vibrant and a model State of the Country. But things were different when they formed the Government in December 1994, when the State was backward in all spheres. He stated that in the last 24 years of through their governance, they have transformed Sikkim into the best State in the North East and 3rd overall in the Country. Sikkim is also the only state where the basic minimum needs of the people have been fulfilled and the only organic state in the world.

In spite of witnessing such developments and progress, unfortunately,  he said that some people are still not happy and appreciative. He said “Our people should keep in mind that Sikkim is the 22nd State of India, and not of any developed country. All that the State has achieved in the relatively short span of 24 years is no less than a miracle. I urged the people to be mindful of this fact and give due credit to the Government.”

Speaking on some of the major developments that have taken place in the State in the last two decades, he informed that human development is the biggest and the most important development, and in Human Development Index, Sikkim ranks number one in the Country. He also informed that in the last 24 years of their Government, the life expectancy of the people has increased from 62 years in the year 1994 to 72 years in the year 2017, which no doubt is a great achievement. They have ensured gender equality along with quality health care and education facilities.

With Sikkim achieving overall development in all the sectors, he said that now it is up to the youths to take full advantage of all the opportunities that the Government has created and become job providers rather than job seekers. Today, with Sikkim becoming fully organic state and also with tourism sector flourishing, he exhorted them to engage themselves in numerous jobs readily available in these two sectors.

Talking to the Panchayats, Chamling asked them to be sincere and people-centric in discharge of their duties. They should educate people on various flagship programmes of the State Government, such as, CATCH through Gram Sabhas. It is their duty to see that all the plans, policies and programmes of the Government are implemented properly and that their benefits reach the needy.

CM Chamling made some announcements that there will be all three streams i.e Commerce, Humanities and Science in Senior Secondary Schools at the +2 level and also the Janta mela for the BPL families of business community will be held this year. He said about the Lama Mela for the lamas (sangha) where the Government will distribute grants and benefits to them will be held. Religious heads of other faiths can also participate.He stated that house up gradation of Rs 30,000/- will be granted to 100 houses from each constituency. Also Sanction of all demands for new roads of both the constituencies will be done. He even announced of the In-principle sanction of demands for drinking water for both the constituencies and all people – centric demands of the area.