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Sikkim: SDF spokesperson accuses SKM workers of targeting youth speaking against ruling front

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Arun Limboo, a spokesperson for the SDF, has accused some police officers of acting as “SKM workers” and targeting youths who are critical of the SKM government.

“A few police personnel, some in high positions, are working as SKM police to torture teenagers like us who speak out against the SKM government’s broken promises and directionless governance”,  Limboo said at a press conference at SDF Bhawan on Friday. 

“Instead of transporting me to a hospital for treatment, such policemen pulled me to a police station cell like an animal being transported to a slaughterhouse. A small group of police personnel must apologize to Sikkim’s young,” he added.

After being caught in the April 30 clash in Soreng, West Sikkim, the 28-year-old from Daring, Temi-Namphing in South Sikkim was freed on bail. Limboo claims he was a “victim” when allegedly SKM workers assaulted him, but Soreng police arrested him as an “accused.”

Limboo claimed the suspected SKM workers hit him and attacked him with stones, injuring his head and other areas of his body. “I was hurt in the incident. He described the assault in a 30-minute monologue, saying, “I witnessed death up close and felt like I managed to escape the jaws of death”, he stated.

When Limboo and his two party companions, Rikzing Bhutia and Avinash Yakha, were about to arrive at the event, their vehicle became stuck in a traffic jam, according to Limboo. 

“All of a sudden, a big group of SKM personnel approached our vehicle, and when they learned my name, they began pelting stones at us and our vehicle with murderous intent. I sprayed pepper spray on the attackers and was able to flee the scene,” he claimed.

Limboo went on to say that he was new to the area and had no idea where he could find shelter. He stated that he was held and abused by purported SKM staff at another location and that he was forced to record a film under duress.


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