We deliver the northeast

Dear Readers

At INSIDENE we are aware that the youth in India, like their global peers, have instant access to information online. Technology today has made all geographical boundaries irrelevant. It has given birth to Social Media, which in turn has provided a platform for several voices to join in on conversations.

It is in this context that INSIDENE wishes to pursue policies that are fair & neutral. It endeavours to ensure that besides policy makers, the youth in the NE have easy and continuous access to an online brand that they can trust and rely on for intelligent content.

Trust in turn is heavily dependent on accuracy & impartiality, that too when many readers/subscribers are sceptical of news from social media .

The Youth of the North East appreciate the need for a portal like INSIDENE – a portal that works towards neutrality & respects the intelligence of its readers /subscribers. Given the present state of the economic development of the provinces  in the NE,  it is critical that media delivers news, events & perspectives that serve one singular goal – economic development and peace & prosperity in the region.

  • INSIDENE is yours. You decide what we focus on, while we tell you what is actually happening on the ground, inside the North East and beyond. Do let us know the stories that you wish to share & the ones you wish to listen to.
  • INSIDENE aims to bring the spotlight back on the North East, a region that boasts some of the most beautiful places on the map – a land of hope, promise, enterprise and empathy.

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