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Sufi Body Warns PFI Against Using Shrines for Radicalism

GUWAHATI: The All India Sufi Sajjadanashin Council (AISSC) on Tuesday warned the Popular Front of India against using the dwargahs (shrines) to “impose their ideologies” and asked the alleged extremist organisation to “stay away from us”.

In a statement issued by AISSC chairman Syed Naseruddin Chisthy, the apex body also urged all shrines across India to “stay away from radical organisations” and not to allow their respective dwargah as platform for spread of PFI and other radical organisations’ ideologies.

The AISSC is headed by Chisthy, son of spiritual head of Dargah Shreef Ajmer Dewan Syed Zainul Abedin Ali Khan.

“We also appeal to all the Dargahs in the country to organize a program periodically called ‘Paigam-e-Aman’, in which the people of all religions will be invited, the message of Unity and Peace will be spread to protect the secular fabric, unity and integrity of our country,” the statement adds.

In the statement, the AICCS also announced the launch of a nationwide campaign, christened as ‘Paigam-e-Insaniyat’ from Ajmer Shreef to propagate the Sufi message of peace and harmony. A poster on ‘Promote Sufism, Promote Peace’ was also released as part of the campaign.

Further, the AISSC took exception of the alleged “atrocities against the Uyghur Muslims” in China. “We appeal to International Muslim Community and Muslim Countries to take their cause and ensure justice to the oppressed,” the statement added.

Alleged religious persecution of the Uyghur Muslims in China has been catching the attention of international media over the past few years. According to international media, the Chinese authorities allegedly do not allow the Uyghur Muslims to perform or practice their religious rites even at home.

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