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Assam: Our ‘Sultan’ more into building his ‘Mahal’ than managing COVID; he’s like Tughlaqi King: Congress on Modi govt

GUWAHATI: Rajya Sabha MP and Congress‘ national spokesperson Shaktisinh Gohil has trained his crosshairs today at Bharatiya Janata Party over the skyrocketing prices of goods as well as COVID management by the Government.

Gohil slammed the Modi government over the central vista project and said, “Other countries like the US has started policies like ‘US First’ to battle against the pandemic. But what our government did? They are building a project worth Rs. 22,000 crores.”

“Instead of battling against the pandemic, our Sultan (King) is busy building his ‘Mahal’ (palace). Had he used those 22,000 crore rupees on vaccination that the country would not have seen the shortage,” Gohil added further.

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Gohil further compared PM Modi with Muhammad bin Tughluq and said Modi has done the same thing as Tughluq did by sending our resources and medicines to foreign than providing them to our citizens first.

“He is like more of a Tughluqi King only,” said Gohil taking a jibe at Modi.

Gohil also held the Modi government solely responsible for the economic recession and decreasing family incomes.

“The skyrocketing prices of petrol, diesel, LPG and necessary items have dealt a double blow to the people of India, who were already facing the shrinking family incomes, decreasing job opportunities and declining economy,” said Gohil.

Gohil has detailed the rise in petrol and diesel rates and claimed that the Indian Government has earned more than Rs 25 Lakh crore through excise duty in the last 7 years of its rule.

” In the last 7 years, the Excise duty on Petrol has been increased by 248% and by 820% on Diesel. The per litre increase in excise on Petrol in the last 7 years is Rs 23.50 and on diesel is Rs 28.37,” Gohil informed.

The Congress spokesman alleged a fall in domestic oil production under Modi rule to 15.8 per cent as compared to 23.4 per cent during the UPA government.

He put allegations against the Modi government for destroying oil and gas PSUs and said, “ONGC’s annual finance costs have jumped from Rs 0.36 crore in FY14 to Rs 2,824 crore in FY20 that have lent a huge blow to its pockets.”

“In April 2014 price of LPG was Rs 414 per Cyl which is currently Rs 834 per Cyl. In the last 7 years price of LPG is doubled by GoI. In the last 6 hikes in the last 7 months, the government has increased LPG prices by Rs. 240. LPG cylinder has gone to Rs 834, which was Rs 594 in November 2020,” Gohil added further.

Gohil reached Guwahati last night on his two-days tour to the state.

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