Taliban Govt to Reopen High Schools for Girls from March

KABUL: Afghanistan’s Taliban-led government has announced that high schools for girls, which have remained closed since the August 2021 takeover of the country, will reopen in March.

In Afghanistan, the new academic year begins from March which also marks the first month of the new solar year.

In a statement on Sunday, spokesman of the Ministry of Education Aziz Ahmad Reyan said the Taliban is committed and optimistic to reopen schools for girls and that it is working in this regard “seriously and tirelessly”.

Reyan claimed the reason behind not allowing girls to attend classes in high schools was because the Taliban was creating a safe system for girls.

The spokesman further said that they were working on capacity building of female teachers and want to increase the number of these teachers so that only women teach girls.

If female teachers were not available in some areas, then only elderly male teachers will be allowed to educate girl students, he added.