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Tiger spotted in Mizoram’s Dampa Tiger Reserve after 7 years

AIZAWL: A tiger was spotted after a gap of 7 long years in Dampa Tiger Reserve Sanctuary in Mizoram.

The last time a big cat was seen in the area back in 2014, after which there were no signs of tigers. As per the Tiger Census held in 2018 as well, no Tiger was found at Dampa Tiger Reserve.

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Forest officer C. Lalbiaka, Field Director, Dampa Tiger Reserve Sanctuary confirmed the presence of the tiger in the State after a long period of disapearance.

According to sources, The wildlife enthusiast and forest guard Zakhuma Don laid the camera trap in the month of February 2021 inside the reserve forest to see if there are any tigers.

After a gap of 3 months, Don checked the camera on May 16 and to his surprise he found an image which looked like a tiger hidden behind a bush.

Don immediately sent the image to the authorities concerned and in the same evening wildlife experts from WWI Dr.Lallianpuii Kawlni and her team confirmed that the image taken by Zakhuma was in fact a Tiger.

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Earlier in November 2020, a forest guard in the same reserve forest Lalkulhpuia spotted pugmarks what were believe to be the footprints of a tiger .

Even though a camera trap was set up, no image of tiger was captured and later the camera was uninstalled.

Dampa Tiger Reserve was declared a Tiger Reserve in 1994. It is situated in the western part of Mizoram, bordering Bangladesh. The last time a tiger was believed to have been present in Mizoram was in 2014.

The recent Spotting of tiger in the state has bought cheer to the wildlife authorities and wildlife enthusiasts.

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