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TIPRA chief Pradyot Manikya suspends all those who attack on IPFT chief NC Debbarma

AGARTALA: Tripura royal scion and the Indigenous Progressive Regional Alliance (TIPRA) chief  Pradyot Manikya Debbarma has suspended all party members who attacked and disrupted the meeting of IPFT chief NC Debbarma yesterday evening at Takarjala.

Hundreds of ‘Tipra Motha’ members reportedly disrupted a meeting held by NC Debbarma at Jampuijala community hall in Takarjala yesterday evening, waving black flags and chanting slogans such as ‘go back’.

NC Debbarma couldn’t even finish his administrative meeting to take stock of the situation because the situation had become too tense.

Despite the fact that his vehicle was undamaged and he was safe and sound, Narendra Debbarma was extremely upset.

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NC Debbarma said that the incident was a foreshadowing of what was to come in the upcoming ADC village committee elections and, eventually, the assembly election in 2023.

He told the media that there is no democracy or law and order in Tripura.

TIPRA chief Pradyot Manikya sent some leaders from Jampuijala to the scene to find out what is going on after learning about the attacks and also personally called three times to diffuse the situation.

Today, Pradyot Manikya said that disrespecting seniors would not be tolerated at the party.

He said.”I have already warned twice that such behaviour will not be accepted. Those who waved black flags and interrupted NC Debbarma’s programme will be suspended immediately and will not be considered for any possible positions in Tipra Motha.”

Pradyot Manikya further said that such political attacks with black flags are a bad culture, and that several politicians, including he himself, have been subjected to such attacks by IPFT members on many occasions, but that no action was taken.

He continued, “This was never Tipra Motha’s culture, so anybody who does those actions in the future will be suspended immediately, and no local political leader will be able to save you. We don’t want a ‘Gunda Dardi,’ but we want a great TIPRA land.”

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