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Top Financial Organization Who Prefer Higher Return on FD

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Fixed deposits are one of the best ways of investing your hard-earned money. Fixed deposits are neutral to market conditions, thereby determining fixed returns on your investment.


Thus, retired individuals often prefer fixed deposits as they need a specific source of income after their retirement. Several financial institutions have fixed deposit schemes and offer varied interest rates depending on the deposit amount and tenure.


Here are some of the top institutions that offer the best fd returns along with several benefits.


PNB Housing Finance Ltd.

PNB Housing has several attractive FD plans and interest rates for individuals. It is one of the most preferred financial institutions in India. The interest rates of this institution vary from 5.90-6.70% per annum.


The minimum tenure of FD accounts by PNB Housing is one year and can extend up to 10 years. You can then reinvest the sum for another term. PNB Housing also has several benefits with its FD policy and provides you with easy loan benefits.


PNB Housing has various Fixed Deposit schemes. The minimum deposit value for monthly plans is ₹25,000 and ₹10000 for all other plans.


ICICI home finance Ltd

An FD opportunity presented by ICICI bank, this FD scheme provides high returns on your investment. The FD return ranges from 5.70-6.65% annually. The rate of interest increases with the tenure of your fixed deposit. This FD scheme has different sections for calculating the interest based on tenure. For instance, you would enjoy a specific sum if your tenure is more than two years than one year. Remember, the greater the tenure, the higher its returns will be.


Mahindra Finance Ltd. FD

Mahindra Finance is a private financial institution that provides highly beneficial FD schemes. The institution offers higher interest rates to senior citizens and women, and the general interest rate ranges from 5.70-6.45% per annum. The minimum deposit amount for MahindraFInance FD is ₹25000, and the FD tenures range from 1-5 years. There is an additional interest benefit of 0.40% for senior citizen applicants.


LIC Housing Finance Ltd. FD

LIC Housing Finance Ltd. is quite popular because they can open an fd account with a minimum deposit of ₹20000. The minimum deposit amount is lower than most other financial institutions and can be availed by people having a lower income. The institution provides a general interest rate of 5.25-5.5% per annum, with an additional rate of 0.25% for senior citizens. The tenure ranges from 1-5 years.



HDFC Ltd provides various interest rates depending on the tenure of the FD. the maximum interest rate provided by the institution is 6.55% per annum. The HDFC Ltd fixed people highly prefer a deposit scheme due to its loan against fixed deposit facility. Thus, individuals can avail of a loan against their fixed deposit amount. The institution provides an additional loan of 0.25% for senior citizens, and the minimum deposit amount is ₹20000.


Fixed deposits are a popular way to save for the long-term. A fixed deposit is a lump sum that is put into a bank account, to be kept there for a certain amount of time. The fixed deposit interest rate that keeps the balance in sync with inflation.


Fixed deposits are ideal for savings goals with defined time bounds. Some banks encourage the use of fixed deposits by offering attractive interest rates to customers who commit their funds for longer periods.


The benefit of investing in FDs is best experienced when you invest for the long-term letting the effect of compounding kick in.



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