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Tripura govt starting mulberry nurseries to help silkworm growers amid pandemic

Agartala: The Tripura government is establishing mulberry nurseries to help silkworm growers who have lost their livelihoods due to the pandemic.

Farmers are being paid to put up nurseries and as mulberry plant saplings grow and they will be divided among them, according to Tapan Chandra, Sepahijala’s district sericulture development officer.

Tapan said that the Sericulture Department is establishing such nurseries across the state.

The nurseries are being set up on 12 acres of land in Sepahijala in four clusters: Bishramgaj, Takarjala, Kathalia, and Nalchar.

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According to him, the district officials aim to establish a new mulberry plantation on 180 acres of land, which will help 350-400 farmers as part of the Intensive Bivoltine Sericulture Development Project.

He added that the process of selecting beneficiaries is now ongoing.

“Mulberry leaves are an important part of the silkworm farming process. We’re producing nurseries to help private growers,” the official has been quoted as saying.

We also supply silkworms and provide other silkworm growing supplies. The cocoons are gathered and delivered to the reeling centre for additional processing once the worms begin to pupate in their cocoons, the official stated.

A large number of individuals, including women, get livelihood opportunities at various stages of the process from the mulberry nursery to the post-production of silk thread.

Until June, the state produced 4 million tonnes of cocoons with growers earning Rs 13.50 lakh from a single crop, according to officials.

In Sepahijala, 17 farmers were involved in the creation of nursery beds, but this initiative benefited hundreds of growers indirectly, said Deb.

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