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TRIPURA: TIPRA Women Federation set to distribute thousands of free Sanitary Pads, aims to address menstrual hygiene

AGARTALA: Addressing the matter of menstrual hygiene, TIPRA Women Federation is all set to distribute free pads to the women who needs them the most. The Women Federation from Tripura received thousands of Sanitary pads for free distribution today.

Informing about the same, TIPRA Chairman Pradyot Manikya wrote, “Thousands of Sanitary Pads have arrived for free distribution! As a chairman of TIPRA we have made a pledge that our TIPRA Women Federation will ensure that these pads reach the ones who require them most . Menstrual hygiene is a matter that we must address.”

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Talking about the menstrual hygiene, Manikya said that it is important that the issue is addressed by all. The TIPRA Women Federation aims to provide the free pads to the ones who require them the most.

The Women wing of TIPRA Motha was declared on June 6 by Chairman Pradyut Manikya.

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