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Truck carrying smuggled cows detained at Sidli in Assam

Guwahati, January 20, 2019:

Cattle is being smuggled from places like Bihar through Assam to foreign countries like Bangladesh. When authorities catch these smugglers, they say they are being taken for domestic rearing purposes.
In this way, a vehicle from Bihar bearing number AS/01/HC/5596 that was full of cattle was chased from Sidli in Assam’s Chirang district to Chapaguri under Dhaligaon police station by BJP Chairang district secretary Arun Nath, Human rights organization chairman Kishore Das, AMSU and AAKRASU and many other organizations detained the vehicle and it was then taken to the Dhaliagaon police station.
Before catching the cattle truck, the organizations had alerted the authorities about the truck, but the authorities had turned a blind eye, due to which the organizations they were forced to take matters into their own hands.
After the truck full of cattle was detained by the organizations, the police showed up and took the truck under custody and transferred it to Dhaligaon police station. The police discovered that the cows, buffaloes and calves were being taken to Mangaldoi in Udalguri district.
Habibur, one of the persons who was carrying the cattle in the truck, claimed that the cows were being taken to be reared. It is to be mentioned that eighteen cows, eighteen calves and one buffalo were being carried in the ten-tire truck against directives of the national government. The authorities have kept documents relating to this away from the eyes of media.

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