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Two elephants killed in Baksa after coming into contact with illegal electric fence

BAKSA: In fights between men and elephants there seem to be no winner. After one person lost life, and one got critically injured during the day on Thursday, death of two elephants by electrocution during the night on the same day has come to the fore.
The incident happened in Nonke Korebari area near Batabari forest range of Baksa district, one of the hot-bed of man-elephant conflict in Assam.
Two full grown elephants, which were coming down in search of food from the forest got killed after coming into contact with a live electric fence that was installed around a paddy field.

An official from the Batabari Forest Range said, “It is a heart wrenching  view. Bothe the elephants were females. They came down from Bhutan hills in search of food. The forest department will post-mortem the bodies and then will make arrangement for burying it. The person behind the killing has already surrendered and action will be taken against such heinous act.”

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The bodies of the elephants were found Friday morning.
The person who installed the electric fence to keep elephants at bay has been identified as one Rashen Daimary.
Daimary later surrendered in Simla Police Station in Baksa.

“I was putting the electricity to make arrangement for lights during night. I had no intention of killing wild animals. But yesterday night, the elephants died in my paddy field due to this.” he said.

Illegal Electric wiring put around agricultural fields is emerging as the biggest threat to wild animals, especially elephants. Since 2011 to 2019, a total of 90 elephants lost their lives by getting electrocuted in Assam.
Such practices are mostly seen in villages and many a time such deaths of animals go unreported.

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