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US Woman recovers lost wallet after 46 years

WASHINGTON: A woman from Ventura was reunited with a wallet she had lost 46 years earlier after an employee working on remodeling Southern California’s historic Majestic Ventura Theater discovered it inside a crawl space.

After finding the wallet among old candy bar wrappers, ticket stubs and soda cans, Tom Stevens said, “I would have never imagined.”

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Stevens told the Ventura County Star that he then used social media to try to track out the owner using clues from the wallet, which included old photos, a 1973 Grateful Dead concert ticket and Colleen Distin’s California driver’s card which expired in 1976.

The wallet had no money in it.

He asked on the theater’s Facebook page, “Does anyone know Colleen Distin?”
Distin, who grew up in Ventura and still lives there, said she received a lot of messages online and a phone call regarding the social media post.

She replied on May 25, a few hours after the posting, stating the wallet belonged to her.

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When Distin went to pick up the red wallet, which had turned brown with age, he described it as opening a “time capsule.”

Distin said she misplaced her wallet in a movie theatre in 1975, when she was in her early twenties.

Poetry and notes, photos of high school pals, a $5 ticket to a Grateful Dead concert at the University of California, Santa Barbara and photos of Distin’s mother, who died several years ago were all included.
She stated, “It’s really wonderful.”

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