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Why is a 200 rupee note going viral in Nagaland? Here’s the story

DIMAPUR: Volunteers of Better Dimapur who were cleaning the road dividers during lockdown hours as a part of their beautification mission were awestruck last night when an auto-rickshaw driver got down from his vehicle to hand over a Rs. 200 note for them to buy water to quench their thirst with.

Mhonjan Lotha, one of the core members of A Better Dimapur, says that he was pleasantly surprised when the driver got down from his auto to hand him the money.”He was a kind of a good samaritan and asked us to buy water with the money. However, we were unable to get his name as he seemed to be in a hurry and left immediately afterward.”

Lotha said that the good samaritan driver’s act has inspired them to do more in public for the welfare of society.

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“Normally when we work, there are so many people around us who watch us and ignore us. However, there are some people who are appreciative. Who pat us on our backs and commend us for our work. See, this is not about the money that he gave — whether he gave 150, or 200, or 1,000. It is about the best gift that really touches the heart. It shows appreciation. If an auto-rickshaw driver, it means he is giving a huge chunk of his earnings. He must have worked so hard for that money — especially during the lockdown,” he told us.

Although a small gesture, this unnamed auto driver has been lauded on social media, with some musing that ‘he is the kind of hero that we need.’

The story has gone viral in Nagaland and was also covered by We The Nagas, a social media channel that boasts thousands of users across all platforms.

For the uninitiated, ‘A Better Dimapur’ is an initiative of Dimapur Municipal Council (DMC) that aspires to achieve a ‘cleaner, greener & healthy Dimapur with community participation.’

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