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Your thought affect your emotions, Your emotions affect your decisions, Your decisions affect your life

The young children in the initial months of lockdown had indistinct emotions. The fear of COVID -19 had compelled everyone to stay home. Social media, television played a very crucial role in maintaining the
equilibrium of every ones’ emotions.

‘Stay home stay safe’ kept the vibrations alive and there was a gradual shift to accepting this idea. The transition to virtual classes needed a lot of effort from the students and parents’ side. There was an incessant urge to complete the task given by the teacher and submit it online. The composite behavior shown by the parents and students is highly commendable. The procurement of gadgets and basic facilities had been their topmost priority.

Children kept themselves motivated throughout the lockdown period by participating in co-curricular activities , like singing, debate, recitation, dance, storytelling. Not only this they participated in the online
quiz competitions conducted by

This has led to shedding their monotony. Though children missed their physical school they have developed a sense of understanding. Many have learned technology and with this a new era of technological
advancement with the blending of emotional touch has taken birth.

BY- Mrs Madhavi Dhanawade

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