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Assam to reject ‘communal rhetoric’ of BJP; accept 5 Guarantees of Congress: Ripun Bor

GUWAHATI: Assam Pradesh Congress Committee (APCC) president Ripun Bora today said that the electorate of Assam will reject the “provocation” of the BJP and instead choose the Congress for its 5 Guarantees.

“We went into this election and to the people with a positive outlook on Assam and focused completely on what we aim to deliver. The people have responded magnificently with ground reports indicating that the people have synchronously bestowed their trust in Congress’ 5 Guarantees,” said Bora.

“After experiencing the misgovernance and improvidence of the last 5 years, it was critical to have a comprehensive assessment of what Assam of the future desires from a government. A myopic view of Assam in the last 5 years by the BJP government has pushed the state back. In an endeavor to realize the Assam of the future, all our guarantees have been structured based on ground assessment, the future vision for Assam and after consultations with revered scholars and economists. Dr. Manmohan Singh who has been pivotal in all big financial transformations in the country has provided his approval on the feasibility and economics of our Guarantees.

“The complexion of this year will be different and the electorate will reject the “communal rhetoric” of the BJP party,” Bora added.

“The BJP cannot mislead the people through provocative statements which has been exemplified by its poor showing in the first phase. No matter how much they scream about the Mughals — the main issue is the protection of the identity of the people of Assam,” he said.

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“It is true that in 2016 the BJP won a majority of Seats. However, they have rejected the BJP’s rhetoric this time around which has been evidenced by the fact that voters came out in massive numbers to cast their ballots,’ he said.

Lashing out at the BJP over its advertisement proclaiming a clean sweep in Upper Assam, Bora said, “This advertisement shows that that the BJP lies and attempts to mislead the people. If one reads it, at first glance it looks like it is a lead story. However, a second glance reveals it is an advertisement. The BJP has spent crores on such an advertisement because it performed poorly in the first phase.”

Bora also mused that the BJP’s numbers could be in the single-digits after the counting is finished. “It is now certain that after May 2, a Mahajath government will come into power after this election.”
The APCC president further claimed that the Mahajath will come to power courtesy of its ‘five guarantees.’

During a rally in Dibrugarh’s Dinjoy region earlier this month, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi made five promises to the citizens including Rupees 365 daily for tea workers and not implementing the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA).

The former Congress chief also promised five lakh jobs, 200 free units of electricity and Rupees 2,000 to housewives in Assam if his party wins the election.

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