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Assam: Woman gives birth to baby weighing 5.32kg; doctors claim it a state record

GUWAHATI: A woman in Assam’s Silchar delivered a baby boy weighing 5.2 kilogrammes, which doctors claim that the state’s heaviest weight at birth for a newborn.

A team of senior doctors at a government hospital carefully executed the caesarean section procedure on Tuesday in a case of complicated late birth.

The delivery was due on May 29, but the parents were afraid about contracting Covid-19 and had postponed going to the hospital.

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It was a case of late delivery but we had no idea the baby would weigh 5.2 kilogrammes. It is as far as we know the heaviest infant ever born in Assam. In Assam, newborns weigh around 2.5 kilogrammes on average. In the past, newborns weighed around 4 kilos, but 5.2 kilogrammes for a newborn is a unique case, said the senior doctor.

This is Jaya Das and Badal Das’s second child and their previous child weighed around 3.8 kg at delivery.

“The majority of babies are born between the 38th and 42nd week of pregnancy. When a baby does not arrive by week 42, it is referred to as a post-term or delayed delivery.The mother’s admittance to the hospital was delayed in this case. Thankfully, we were able to save both the mother and the baby”, said doctor.

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