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Dog catches hold of rapist while trying to flee crime scene; accused in police custody

COIMBATORE: A family dog blocked a man and grabbed him as he attempted to flee after committing rape on a mentally ill woman in the kitchen.

He was arrested on Saturday after his family called the police. S Dhilipkumar, a 29-year-old goldsmith, has been named as the perpetrator.

The accused went to the victim’s home, a 30-year-old woman. The victim lived in a separate shed from her relatives, in the same compound.

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To avoid being caught, the accused parked his car far away from the building. He paid the victim a visit at her home in Selvapuram, Tamil Nadu.

When the accused attempted to flee the crime scene, the dog caught up with him and pursued him.

The dog grabbed his pant and wouldn’t let him leave the place. The woman’s family was awakened by the time and they were even more alert when the shed lights went out. They went inside to investigate, and S Dhilipkumar was apprehended.

The family did not waste much time in raising an alarm and handing him over to the police. When police searched him, they uncovered the obscene images that he had taken with the victim.

The accused has been charged under Sections 376 (2) (e) (rape of a woman knowing she is pregnant) and 506 I (criminal intimidation) of the Indian Penal Code (IPC). The accused has been remanded to detention by a judge.

During the investigation, it was discovered that the accused had visited the woman’s home twice and raped her. The accused then used his cellphone to document the incident.

The dog played a major role in apprehending the suspect.

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