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Father’s Day : ‘Love your parent when they are alive. You can’t do anything when they reached the grave’: Robin Hibu

ITANAGAR: Arunachal Pradesh’s very first Indian Police Service (IPS) officer has penned a heartfelt note for his late father on the occasion of Father’s Day.

Hibu began his note by saying, “Love your parent when they are alive. You can’t do anything when they reached the grave. I warmly reciprocate the greeting on Father’s Day to you all!”

“Though my father is no more, his love, lessons he taught me to be kind, sharing, hard work, honesty is still fresh in my mind,” Hibu wrote.

Hibu in his letter recalled that his father waited for 4 days in a coma for him to reach his village in 2007 from Delhi where he was stationed at the time.

“When I hold his cold hand in comma, he came back to life for half an hour, warmly reciprocated my warm shivering hands holding my father’s hand who was in his last time on earth. My father’s old fragile hands — that taught me to cut woods taught me to plant saplings, taught me to carry water from distance rivulet, taught me to help others, taught me to wipe tears off from others’ eyes, taught me to see positive things amidst a tsunami of negativism…taught me to hold hands of helpless fellow folks,” Hibu recalled in his note.

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Hibu’s father died after half an hour of regaining his consciousness to reciprocate Hibu’s holding his hands. “I knew he would not go without bidding me goodbye on his death bed,” he said.

The IPS officer then wrote that he finally buried his father amidst the greenery milieu. “Holding him…his cold frail body for few more minutes before laying him at grave ….with deep anguish of parting as I would never see him again as a person.”

Hibu, revealing that he was the last to depart from the gravesite, added that he looked back with tears while saying adieu to “my lost adored man on earth – my father.”

Not by mourning his death, but resolving to work hard to make this world a better place to live, I rushed back to Delhi and joined for duty as DCP West 5 days after my father’s burial. “My melancholic journey without my father’s benign presence and without his immortal words of wisdom….my journey on earth goes on…..on….alone,” he added.

“Hope someday, I will see and hug my father again somewhere amidst a floating cloud and rainbow……Happy father’s day to you all,” Hibu wrote, ending his emotional note.

Hibu is currently Special Commissioner of Police/Additional Director General of Police, New Delhi. His NGO, Helping Hands is an initiative that works towards making the National Capital, read Delhi, safe for North-Eastern people.

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