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Meghalaya faces shortage of vaccine; state require Rs 90 cr to vaccinate 15 lakh people aged 18-45

SHILLONG: The Meghalaya government would need Rs 90 crore plus GST to purchase 30 lakh doses of vaccines of COVID-19  to vaccinate over15 lakh people aged 18 to 45 years, said chief minister Conrad K. Sangma yesterday.

“Along with GST, it will cost the state Rs 90 crore. However, it is an expenditure that will help both the people and the state as a whole,” CM  Sangma said.

“Because of the limited financial resources, procuring the 30 lakh vaccine doses is certainly a challenge.

However, this is something that must be done, adding this the chief minister said, “We will not compromise on this.”

According to him, the government has already requested pharmaceutical manufacturers to supply the state with vaccines.

However, owing to a nationwide shortage of the vaccine, most states, including Meghalaya, could not begin the vaccination programme for those aged 18 and up from today.

“Vaccination registration for those aged 18 and up has begun. “We’ll find out how to arrange the appointments and the vaccination drive depending on the state’s vaccine supply,” the chief minister said.

What was the Guaranteed quantity?

CM Sangma said that despite the shortage, the state government was unofficially promised a certain quantity of vaccines in May. He added that the vaccinations would be rationed and distributed equitably throughout the state for the vaccination of those aged 18 and up to begin.

“This will not happen all at once because the drive is dependent on vaccine supply from various manufacturers,” Sangma said, citing two issues with vaccinating those over the age of 18.

The first issue is the overall shortage, while the second is the likelihood that the Centre will prioritise states in a more serious crisis than Meghalaya.

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