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Nurse accused for chopping off two-week-old baby’s thumb

CHENNAI: A part of a two-week-old newborn girl’s left thumb was severed when a nurse used scissors to remove the Intravenous Line, according to a state-run hospital chief in Tamil Nadu’s Thanjavur on Tuesday.

According to the sources, the baby’s father claimed requested that the thumb was cut “by the nurse” and demanded appropriate action against her.

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A senior doctor used a stent to hold the severed portion while it healed and performed a surgical procedure to reconnect it to its original position.

Dr. G Ravikumar, Dean of Thanjavur Government Medical College said, the baby trembled when the nurse removed the intravenous line with scissors and the tip of the baby’s thumb got cut.

He added, “We have started an investigation and a committee has been formed to look into the matter”.

He also said that the nurse had been placed on leave and depending on the outcome of the investigation the appropriate action will be taken.

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According to the Ravikumar, “the possibilities of the successful reattachment of the severed portion of the thumb to its right position following the surgery. After two to three days, we will be able to tell. We should not disturb for at least two days. There are possibilities… we’re waiting. We will be examined the baby.”

The incident occurred on Monday afternoon, just as the baby was about to be discharged from the hospital, according to the sources.

According to him, the full sequence of events leading to the thumb piece being chopped would be investigated, and necessary action would be taken depending on the enquiry.

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