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Odd Even manner to be followed in Assam to operate vehicles. Details here

GUWAHATI: The Assam District Disaster Management Authority has announced today that vehicles will be allowed to operate in odd and even numbers manner in the state of Assam as a measure to contain the COVID-19 virus by enforcing limited restrictions.

The order will come to force between 5 am to 2 pm from May 13 onward until further notice.

Though government vehicles and personal vehicles used for medical emergencies are exempted from this restrictions.

The vehicles with odd and even numbers can operate in the mentioned manner below –

Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday: Only even numbers are allowed.

Monday, Wednesday, Friday: Only Odd numbers are allowed.

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The number plate of a vehicle which ends with an odd number will be considered as odd and the vehicles with a number plate that ends with a even number will be considered as even.

This order is a pursuance of the Assam government’s new SOPs released today.

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