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Pradyot Manikya rejoices as Kokborok approved for Govt use in Tripura tribal council

AGARTALA: In a positive development for the indigenous Boroks of Tripura, the Kokborok tongue has been approved for use for government communication in Tripura’s tribal council.

Royal scion and TIPRA party chief Pradyot Manikya Debbarman has expressed happiness at this development, which has been reported less than a hundred days after his party swept to power in the council.

“Inside 100 days we have ensured that Kok Borok can be used for official communication for the Govt in the council.We are trying our best to change a system which has been insensitive to our sentiments.1st step was to write the Council Bhawan in Kok Borok…more will follow,” Manikya wrote on his personal Twitter yesterday.

“In order to popularize Kokborok as the official language and for better communication between TTADC administration and mass people in general, any application written in Kokborok must be entertained by all offices in TTADC,” read the official notice of the Additional Chief Executive Officer issued in this regard, dated May 20, 2021.

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Earlier this month, the government had the Kokborok words for Council Bhawan (Kok Chap Nok) inscribed on the Council Bhawan.

TIPRA, the umbrella organisation of regional political parties floated Debbarman, won 18 seats in the recently held tribal council election, while the BJP bagged nine of the 12 seats it contested. One seat went to an Independent — a BJP rebel.

The Indigenous People’s Front of Tripura (IPFT), which is a BJP ally, and the CPI (M)-led Left front saw a complete rout in the election.

The election was held on April 6. Among the notable winners were TIPRA chairman Pradyot Debbarman, and senior leaders Jagadish Debbarma, Animesh Debbarma, and Chitta Debbarma.

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