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The talk of the town is whether Bullet or Splendor for the boys, says Himanta

GUWAHATI: Assam education minister Himanta Biswa Sarma today said after distribution scooters among meritorious girl students, the talk of the town among the youth of Assam is whether the meritorious boys should be rewarded with Royal Enfield Bullet or Hero Splendor.

Interacting with the media here today, Sarma said the latest debate is the talk of the town. “It is so viral on social media that even nobody talks about CAA (Citizenship Amendment Act) these days. The mediapersons also don’t ask me about CAA these days when the elections are ahead. They ask me will the government give Bullets to students,” Sarma said.

“Scooters accidents are not much dangerous, but Bullet accidents are often fatal. So, I am offering them the option of Splendor. Being their uncle, I should also be little responsible and take into consideration the accident factor. Afterall, we will provide it to go to college only. Besides, there are questions such as will they wear helmets, the colour of the bikes, who will be the pillion rider, a girl or a boy, and so on,” the minister said jestingly, adding that the current discussion was about the colour.

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“When I ride bicycles during electioneering, I talk to the youth for answers to three vital questions. Some boys say it should be Bullet, some agree for Splendor. Some say if only first division holders are rewarded, what will happen to the third division holders. Some say even those who fail should also be given motorbikes. So we will have to take into consideration everyone’s expectations and do something for everybody,” he added.

Further cautioning the students, he said: “We ride motorbikes for 100 metre during electioneering. So we don’t wear helmets. But, they should not follow us in that respect.”

With assembly elections round the corner the state government has been distributing scooters among about 22,000 meritorious girl students.

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