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IITG researchers develops technology to estimate state of charge in battery

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GUWAHATI: A team of researchers from Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati (IITG) recently developed an advanced technique that can precisely estimate one of the most important states of a battery, known as state of charge (SOC).

Research scholar Gautam Sethia, associate professor Sisir Kumar Nayak and Prof. Somanath Majhi make up the research team.

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They’re affiliated with IITG’s department of Electronics and Electrical Engineering. The results of the analysis have just been published in IEEE Transactions on Circuit and System I: Daily Articles, a prestigious international scientific journal.

The remaining capacity of the battery, or how much more charge can be drained from it until it is completely discharged, is reflected by the SOC.

Awareness of the battery’s remaining capacity aids in optimising capacity usage, preventing overcharging and undercharging, extending the battery’s lifespan, lowering costs and ensuring the battery’s and its surroundings’ safety.

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Lithium ion batteries have gained popularity in recent years as a result of their low carbon emissions, high energy density, low self-discharge rate and low maintenance costs.

Apart from ubiquitous small devices like mobile phones and laptops, they’ve also been commonly used in a number of other significant applications like electric cars, RES-integrated smart grids, micro grids and so on.

Other important battery issues being worked on by the research team include cell balancing, tracking state of health, state of electricity and so on.

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